Club Sessions

In the shorter winter months October - May:

Saturdays 10:00

In the warmer months when there is more light:

Thursdays 18:00

Saturdays  10:00

Once a month throughout the year is Super Saturday at 08:30 -> an opportunity for all abilities to mix it up and all members to have a go at something new, like coxing or steering.

Crews are free to organize their own meetings any time, checking the preferred boat will be available. 

Single scullers who have been signed off as competent are free to row any time. 

You will find there is activity at the club on most days.  


There is also (limited) racking facilities at the club. Please contact us if you are interested.

Getting tough on single-use plastic!

We have been reminded that plastic is a wonder material that has completely revolutionised the way we buy and consume food and drinks.  However, the rate at which we consume single-use plastic items and our lack of management means that these are causing significant harm to our environment.  As part of our collaborative and respectful club ethos, we very firmly discourage the use of single-use plastic whenever possible.  Every little helps.