Rowing Camps at Broadland Boat Club

Are you looking for a fantastic venue for your next rowing club camp?


Broadland Boat Club is a small club on the River Yare in Norwich that is happy to act as a host for your club’s next camp. But why come to our club?


  • We are situated on the River Yare. This stunning and very clean river flows from Norwich all the way down to Great Yarmouth, approximately 36km away. All of it is rowable.

  • The river is usually wide enough for 2 or 3 boats to pass safely. Whilst it is not possible to organise races, boats that are accompanied by launches can complete side by side distance pieces if the river safety rules are carefully followed.

  • There are 2 stretches of the river very nearby that offer 1000m distances in almost a completely straight line.

  • With 3 boat clubs on the river all of the river users are used to rowing boats being around, making it a safe and easy rive to row on.

  • The river is teeming with wildlife from Kingfishers to Herons, and Otters to Swans.  Combined with some lovely scenery on most stretches of the river, this makes for a beautiful rowing experience.  

  • There are even some pubs right beside the river, which in some cases are possible to moor next to, if you fancy a more leisurely outing!