Broadland goes International!

One weekend in September, 11 Broadland members jetted off to Switzerland for a 30k rowing event. Just 2 weeks after the Great Ouse Marathon some felt well prepared for such a long row...others couldn't believe they were taking on another long distance event so soon! We were invited to Fribourg by Meret, who was a member at Broadland for a year when she lived over here.

At the airport ready for take off:

'Bilac' was the event, where the planned route was to cross 2 Swiss lakes and through a narrow canal. However, the route was changed due to windy conditions and so 36km was completed along the river Aare, surrounded by the beautiful Swiss landscape and to the ringing of cow bells.

The beginning of the event was something no Broadland member had ever experienced; 93 boats sitting at the start with 1 very loud and unexpected bang, followed by a few minutes of utter chaos!! No staggered start or divisions that we are familiar with...but a free for all that was very exciting to be a part of.

Off we go:

it was such a great experience to row in new surroundings and in some interesting boats. A few Broadland members were allocated to crews of old style gig boats that had been converted into a 3 or 5, which meant a very stable but heavier boat:

We were very grateful to Meret and her sister Kim, for arranging everything for us and to their family who were so inviting when we visited their beautiful village. A fantastic time was had by all and no doubt Broadland will be back on tour next year! Watch this space...

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